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We provide tiled insulated roofs to suit all budgets


When investing in a conservatory most people dream of having a multi-functional,
multi-purpose room but soon become disillusioned and disappointed with their investment. Often a conservatory is too hot in summer, too cold in winter and it can prove expensive to maintain a consistent temperature. Conservatories also often require regular maintenance, adding to monthly and annual expenses.

Efficient reroof systems by everroof

The Ultrawood roof provided by us will effectively convert your conservatory roof into a real garden room as it meets all building control and planning requirements for a house roof.
If your property is put up for sale, after Everroof’s modification, then there is always an extra added value to the selling price.

At everroof Ltd, we replace the roof using engineered wood for the structure as in a real house roof. Most companies use bare aluminium. It would be cost effective and cost efficient to use a re-roof system for all your insulation, tiling, internal plasterboard and guttering requirements than just replacing the structure with Aluminium.

Reasons to choose Everroof across the UK

All roofs are designed and made in our factory and installed by our own experienced fitters.

Ultra cost effective

  • Uniquely, we offer 3 different solutions to suit all budgets.


  • Ultrawood is lighter than standard wood.


  • Ultrawood is twice as strong as structural steel on a weight for weight basis.

Ultra-water and weather resistant:

  • Ultrawood is naturally resilient to aggressive chemical environments. They are bonded with waterproof and weather resistant glue. It is also coated with a water-repellent surface treatment making it ideal for outdoor construction.

Ultra-fire resistant:

  • Ultrawood does not easily burn and fire on a beam will go out by itself unless continually exposed to the flames. A carbonised layer then protects the beam from further destruction by protecting the core which gives predictability and stability.
  • Ultrawood easily fulfils the standards relating to bd-constructions (fire resistance) set by the regulatory authorities within the construction industry.


  • Ultrawood’s ability to conduct heat is minimal making it comfortable in both hot and cold conditions.
  • Ultrawood beams can be inserted through an external wall without causing cold bridging problems, dark colouring of the surface or unwanted thermal loss.

Services we offer:

  • Conservatory roofs
  • Replacement conservatory roofs
  • Eco thermal roofs
  • Tiled insulated roofs
  • Engineered roofing
  • Engineered wood
  • SIP panels

Featured Projects

Research from Cranfield University concluded that a conservatory only offers an ideal temperature for an average of 2hrs per day throughout the year highlighting the need for a practical low cost solution to transform your unusable conservatory space into that multi-functional purpose room that you had initially dreamt of creating.

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If extreme temperatures are affecting your conservatory enjoyment, call our team to survey your property and give you a no obligation quote. At Everroof, we offer quality service in Swindon and across the UK.



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